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Functional Programming is style of crafting software where functions are the fundamental building blocks. Among other features, this allows programmers to create simpler software for complex problems.

Individual languages can either help or hinder this style of programming. The extremes swing from "Purely Functional" to "Imperative". Most functional programming languages have some imperative facilities and vice-versa.

Functional Programming Concepts

The Functional Thinking (video) presentation is a good start, although it assumes knowledge of Java semi-technical audiences can fully appreciate the the rationale and flexibility of functional programming.

Erik Meijer's Presentations (video) are pretty good, the first few are language agnostic.

Functional Programming In Practice


  • F# For Fun and Profit Scott Wlaschin's amazing blog dedicated to the F# programming language, a must for any beginner.
  • F# Software Foundation Open community pioneering and advocating the F# programming language.
  • "Expert F# 4.0" (book) Don Syme, the creator of F# gives you expert advice and know how in F#


Clojure Script



Multi Discipline

  • Functional Geekery Podcast Great podcast that interviews the best and brightest in our community. Highly enlightening and recommended.


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