Lambda Calculus
Lambda Calculus

November 5th, 2019 technical , math

Lambda Calculus isn’t just a fancy word: it defines our software, our numbers and perhaps even reality itself.

Starting from its beginnings in the search for mathematical foundations in the early 1900s, Dr. Jared Corduan introduces us to the history and fully explains basic lambda calculus. You will learn how to create a numeric system without numbers using pure functions.

Heard of Y-Combinator? It’s developed with lambda calculus and is a powerful software development abstraction.

Over 100 years after it was developed, find out how it impacts modern software development and why it matters most today.

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Dr. Corduan is a mathematician with interests in logic and computer science. He holds a PhD in mathematical logic from Dartmouth College, where he studied reverse mathematics, computability theory, infinitary combinatorics, and forcing. He is fascinated by the incompleteness phenomenon and works as an industrial programmer since 2011, both in finance and in healthcare technology.

Many thanks to the Computer Science Department of the College of Charleston for generously hosting this event.

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