Bare Metal Functional Programming With Symbolics
Bare Metal Functional Programming With Symbolics

May 17th, 2016 extremely technical

The Symbolic's Lisp Machine is an amazing and unique computer designed with one thing in mind: run functional programs as fast as possible using hardware specifically designed for the language!

Used throughout the Artificial Intelligence boom of the 1980s, these machines were the pinnacle of technology and integration. With near infinite flexibility, they were used to debug, explore and create much of what we consider standard technologies commonly used today.

Craig Lanning, a veteran developer with 30 years of LISP experience, is graciously bringing in his his vintage Symbolics Lisp Machine for a presentation and live demo of this historically significant technology.

This presentation is extremely technical detailing the inner workings of the Symbolics hardware and software.

Organizer note: Will re-present this in the future, due to torrential rains attendance was low and camera couldn't be moved.

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