Functional Game Development
Functional Game Development

September 20th, 2016 technical, game

While functional programming is making huge inroads in areas like web development and distributed computing, there is one kind of software where its use is still rare: games. The vast majority of games today, from the small indie variety up to triple-A titles, are written in a mostly standard way, filled with mutable variables and large object hierarchies.

Zach walks you through writing games in a functional programming language that features:

  • easier debugging
  • game recording
  • rewinding
  • live-reloading
  • making changes while playing

All in ClojureScript, a functional language that runs in web browsers, and play-cljs, a game library written for it.

This event was generously hosted by the College of Charleston's Computer Science Department.

Presentation Slides (as a game)

Source Code

Zach Oakes

Zach Okaes

Zach teaches Java and Clojure at The Iron Yard in Charleston, SC. He maintains a variety of Clojure and ClojureScript projects on Github, usually focusing on developer tools and games.




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